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Note: When I am not travelling I live in the UK. Please bear any time difference in mind when calling.

You may also see some of my current activity via LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

PR and Media Contacts

I am happy to receive Press Releases, Analyst briefing invitations and related materials relevant to the topics I cover here, on and GigaOM, in my podcasts and elsewhere. Ideally, these materials should be available well ahead of any embargo date and a named contact should be available for follow-up queries.

I will always respect embargoes to which I have explicitly agreed; sending material ‘under embargo’ without prior agreement does not constitute acceptance on my part!

Speaking Invitations

An accomplished presenter on topics such as those covered here and on the other sites for which I write and podcast, I am always willing to receiving speaking invitations.

My fees in addition to all travel and subsistence expenses are variable and dependent upon the nature of your event. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.