Leveraging years of experience derived from policy development, management and execution in both the Public and Private sectors, The Cloud of Data is strongly placed to work with your organisation on understanding, anticipating and reacting to the technologically inspired disruptions of today, and the opportunities of tomorrow.

From speaking at your events and facilitating your off-site planning, to working closely with your team on understanding the trends that will affect your business, our personalised and professional programmes of activity will ensure that you are in the best possible shape to maximise the benefit of new Web-based opportunities to exploit your brand, your reputation, your network and your data.

Cloud Computing; Big Data; the Data Web; the Semantic Web; Linked Data; Open Data; the Global Graph; Web 3.0.

All of these terms, and more, are poor attempts to apply labels to aspects of a rapidly shifting landscape that is affected by technology, economics and society. In order to realise the implications and potential of the trends that underly these terms, it is necessary to move past superficial labels and definitions, and to understand the realities of their impact upon all aspects of your organisation.

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