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Xeround, and a tale of evolving business models

Xeround, and a tale of evolving business models

Last night, cloud database company Xeround announced that they’re shutting down the version of their service hosted in public clouds such as Amazon, Rackspace, GreenQloud, and others. Users of the free service have until 8 May to move elsewhere, whilst paying customers have until 15 May. The company describes this as an attempt to “re-focus,”...

Powered by Cloud conference, London

Image via Wikipedia Event organisers are feeling the squeeze as advertising, travel and ‘training’ budgets present easy targets to Finance Directors seeking to balance their books in the current economic climate. Amidst announcement after announcement of cancelled and radically down-sized trade shows and conferences, one bright spot in the event management space appears to be...

How does ‘Freemium’ work for corporate SaaS?

Wired Magazine Editor in Chief (and Long Tail author) Chris Anderson has a short post on his blog exploring ways in which a ‘freemium’ business model might be applied to “one of the biggest software-as-a-service companies.” The concept of freemium has gained widespread acceptance amongst consumer-facing Web 2.0 companies, enabled by the low incremental cost...