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O'Reilly's Strata comes to Europe, with a very British opening

O’Reilly’s Strata comes to Europe, with a very British opening

O’Reilly’s Big Data extravaganza, Strata, left its native U.S. for the first time this week, coming to London for two days of data; the big, the open, the structured, the unstructured, and the undecided. Whilst many of the companies and issues are the same, whether you’re in London, California or New York City, there are...
The Americans are Coming

The Americans are Coming

This October, two great US events are making their first forays into Europe. O’Reilly‘s big data conference, Strata, reaches London on 1-2 October. Then GigaOM‘s cloud computing event, Structure, hits Amsterdam on 16-17 October. I’ve attended both in the States (see disclaimer), and look forward to seeing how each sets about fusing the best elements...

International Cloud Computing piece for GigaOM Pro

I have been a fan of (and subscriber to) GigaOM‘s analyst site, GigaOM Pro, for some time. As the site’s blurb describes, “All too often, insider analyst research and commentary is costly, inaccessible or ineffective to the entrepreneurs, investors and innovators who need timely insights most. We’re changing this by making high-quality expert reports, data...

Linked Data Meetup in London

I tweeted about this when it was first announced, but it’s certainly worth flagging here too. There will be an informal Linked Data Meetup at London’s Hammersmith Club on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 9 September. The list of attendees is already looking good, and it should be a useful opportunity to explore some...

CloudCamp London written up for CloudAve

My write-up of last night’s CloudCamp in London has just appeared over on CloudAve.

CloudCamp London tomorrow; see you there?

I’m heading down to London tomorrow, for the city’s third CloudCamp. If you’re in the area Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, do say Hi. Related articles by Zemanta London CloudCamp #3 (Mar 12, 2009) ( Upcoming 2009 CloudCamps (

Looking back at Powered by Cloud conference

Clouds of a rather different sort complicated things at the start of the Powered by Cloud conference in London last week. As you may have heard, ‘unprecedented’ (but repeatedly forecast) snowfall brought the UK’s capital grinding to an ignominious halt. Despite the absence of a handful of the speakers, the only person who knew how...

Lots of London

In a previous role I used to spend 2-3 days each week in London, spending 4-5 hours per day on trains that (then) lacked today’s power and wifi. Over the past few years I’ve had far less reason to regularly visit the city, but those trips certainly seem to be on the rise once more....