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‘Open’ good, but there’s plenty of room for ‘almost open’ and ‘not open’ too

Image by Ben Templesmith via Flickr Towards the end of George Orwell’s allegorical take on the Stalinist Revolution, the pigs of Animal Farm take on the trappings of the humans they supplanted, shifting ideologically from ‘Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad’ to declare ‘Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better!’ as they rise to stand on...

Talking with Richard Stirling about progress with

In my latest podcast I talk with Richard Stirling of the UK Government’s Cabinet Office, and we discuss progress with the Government’s ambitious site. [display_podcast] This podcast was recorded on Friday 16 July, 2010. I spoke with John Sheridan of the Government’s Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) back in July of 2009, when...