3 August 2015 – I am joining Forrester Research.

Technical advances, shifting business models, and evolving societal norms alter the environment in which companies do business, in which states govern, and in which citizens live and work.

Cloud Computing promises — and often delivers — increased agility, and a means to bootstrap both startups and new projects inside established organisations.

In addition, data are being generated at an unprecedented rate, as data producers and policy makers struggle to find the sweet spot between use and abuse, valuable insight and invasion of privacy. Attitudes to ownership are changing, as public institutions release more data in legally and commercially unencumbered form, and as consumers begin to assert rights to the information held about them by commercial players.

Separately, Cloud Computing and the emergence of data as “the new oil” are proving powerfully transformative in much that we do. Together, their potential to empower and disrupt is only just becoming apparent.