Peter Whitehead, editor of the Financial Times‘ regular Digital Business supplement, posted a message to his followers on Twitter earlier this month, saying;

“Trying to get my head round what The Cloud actually IS (other than something that soaks you every time you go outside). Thoughts welcome”

I was amongst those to respond, as I had just posted my first entry on this shiny new blog and felt it was relevant to Peter’s question.

Peter takes a different tack this morning, devoting his editorial to asking the same question, and noting that he will

“discuss our joint findings in the next edition [of Digital Business]”

As well as being (obviously) very interested in the answer, I also hope that Peter is able to take a moment to share his thoughts on the relative merits of both approaches to information gathering. Which gave him the most data? Which was quickest? Which was ‘best’?

The next issue of Digital Business will land on desks on 3 December. I look forward to enlightenment.

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