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Event organisers are feeling the squeeze as advertising, travel and ‘training’ budgets present easy targets to Finance Directors seeking to balance their books in the current economic climate.

Amidst announcement after announcement of cancelled and radically down-sized trade shows and conferences, one bright spot in the event management space appears to be anything related to ‘The Cloud.’ There is an understandable perception that Cloud Computing will save money, so that ticks boxes back at HQ. There is also a perception that a sound understanding of the Cloud (and yes, it’s more than simply outsourcing your Data Centre to save some money) will position companies to come out of this economic downturn extremely well placed to exploit new opportunities and grow.

One of those events to cross my radar just before Christmas was Powered By Cloud, which is being held in London – just around the corner from the UK Parliament – on 2 and 3 February. According to the site, attendees will learn;

“What does [the Cloud] mean for your business model?

How fast will this happen?

How can I make money from Cloud Computing?

What technologies will be used?

What are the implications for consumers, privacy and security?

What is the future of Cloud Computing?”

Speakers on the programme look like a nice mix of solutions providers, customers and analysts, and include Amazon‘s Simone Brunozzi, Dave Armstrong from Google, Woodson Martin from Salesforce, Rightscale CEO Michael Crandell, Elastichosts CEO Richard Davies, Simon Wardley and Sam Sethi.

If you’ve got a couple of days to spare, can convince the Finance Director to agree (tell ’em Cloud Computing saves money…), and can get to London then this looks like a pretty good investment for that diminished travel budget. It might even be worth enduring Heathrow to reach.

And, thanks to Philip Low at event organisers BroadGroup, here’s something that might even make the Finance Director smile… If you use discount code ‘SPKR‘ when you register, you can get in cheaper and save even more money. Enjoy!

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