bigswitch-coverNick Carr’s most recent book, The Big Switch [UK, US], was published in January of 2008. Whether by luck or judgement, he caught the meme of the moment and became closely associated with growing interest in the notion of ‘Cloud Computing‘ throughout last year.

The paperback edition of Nick’s book has just been published, and includes an additional chapter that introduces ‘The Cloud 20’; representative examples of the different ways in which companies big and small, new and old are engaging with the Cloud Computing phenomenon.

I was delighted when Nick agreed to speak with me over the weekend, and the resulting podcast has just been released so you can listen in on our conversation.

As well as talking about the book, which most readers of this blog have doubtless already read, we looked more broadly at some of the trends shaping consumer and corporate attitudes to the Cloud. How does the current economic climate, for example, affect the rate of adoption of utility computing or of Cloud-based applications such as those from Google?

Have a listen, and let us know what you think…

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