I’ve been in San Diego this week, attending an excellent TTI/Vanguard event on Cloud Computing. I’m just about to stand up for my presentation, a copy of which I’ve uploaded to Slideshare.

The audience is senior, and easily one of the most engaged I’ve come across for a while. After a ten minute grace period, presenters are pelted with questions and comments, and I’ve only seen a couple get all the way through their prepared slides. It’s refreshing to see attendees making sure they get what they want, rather than listening semi-soporifically to one prepared pitch after another. It should also be good for the speaker, as at least they’re having the audience engage. I say that now. Let’s see if I still think so after my grilling!

My fellow speakers are drawn from a range of backgrounds, and include Russ Daniels, HP’s VP for Cloud Services Strategy, Greg Papadopoulos, Sun’s CTO, Vishal Sikka, SAP’s CTO, and Doug Cutting, Yahoo!’s Project Lead on Hadoop.

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