Most of my recent podcasts (all listed in their various series over in the sidebar, for those reading along on the site) have definitely been on the ‘Cloud’ side of the Cloud of Data, so it was refreshing to return to the ‘Data’ fold with the latest in my longer-running Semantic Web series.

Yesterday I spoke with Jeff Pollock of Oracle, and we talked about his new book, The Semantic Web For Dummies, which came out at the end of last week.

Show notes are available on TalisNodalities blog.

I’ve never personally associated the Dummies series with business issues, tending to think of them as the sort of book you buy your dad to stop him calling to ask how to get italics in WordStar.

Having read a pre-publication proof of Jeff’s book, I may have to revise my attitude toward the whole series. Semantic Web for Dummies is not the book to read if you want to deploy a triple store and start throwing RDF around; but that’s not the audience for which it was written. Jeff describes his audience as ‘tech-savvy business managers’ looking to understand the Semantic Web opportunity, and ‘tech-savvy consumers’ who want to keep up with the latest trends, and I think that the book does a good job of talking to both of those groups.

I enjoyed reading the proof, and I enjoyed our conversation yesterday. Have a listen, and then see if the book might be for you.

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