Bert Armijo, 3Tera

Founded in 2004, California-based 3Tera markets AppLogic; ‘a Grid operating system that virtualizes almost any application’ to make it easier for customers to benefit from Cloud Computing techniques both inside and outside their own data centres.

Yesterday I spoke with Bert Armijo, one of 3Tera’s co-founders and now the company’s Senior Vice President for Sales, Marketing & Product Management. We talk about some of AppLogic’s capabilities, explore the boundaries between corporate data centres and the public Cloud, and consider the differences of opinion amongst Cloud vendors with respect to the need for Service Level Agreements; as reported last month, 3Tera have just unveiled a robust SLA that refunds customers for outages that take availability below 99.999% in any single month.

Production of this podcast was supported by Talis, and show notes are available on their Nodalities blog.

Image of Bert Armijo © 3Tera

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