Juan Carlos SotoAs I noted at the time, Sun’s recent announcements with respect to Cloud Computing were sadly rather overshadowed by the torrent of interest around a piece on the Wall Street Journal site the same day, which broke the news that acquisition talks were allegedly underway between Sun and IBM.

Much has changed since then and we now know, for example, that Oracle has supplanted IBM as suitor for the Santa Clara company.

Amidst the distractions of a market obsessed with the next twist in the ongoing acquisition saga, Sun appears as committed as ever to delivering on their vision for Cloud Computing, and I recently spoke with Juan Carlos Soto to learn more about the company’s plans. Juan Carlos is currently Vice President for Cloud Computing Marketing at Sun Microsystems, and has held a number of technical and business positions in more than ten years with Sun.

Production of this podcast was supported by Talis, and show notes are available on their Nodalities blog.

Initially pitched straight at the utility computing needs of Web startups, Sun has far broader enterprise ambitions for a Cloud Computing offer that plays as well with Fortune 500’s CIOs as with dorm-room startups. An initial RESTful API is already available, and Soto reports that the company remains on track to roll out public services in the next few months.

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