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My favourite technology event last year was, undoubtedly, the Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose, California. An interesting mix of Enterprise and geek attendees, combined with slick organisation and an engaging programme all came together to ensure a worthwhile and stimulating few days.

This year’s programme looks even better, and I’ll definitely be heading back to the Fairmont San Jose in June to see what’s changed in the Semantic Technology world.

Thanks to Tony Shaw and the organising team it looks as if I’ll also be moderating a number of the panel sessions, and I look forward to chatting with the panellists in the run up to the event in order to ensure that they and our audience gain as much as possible from the opportunity.

Due to the vagaries of international airline pricing, I’m going to have some time in San Jose and San Francisco (and points between, of course) both before and after the Conference, and will be lining up clients, briefings, podcasts and coffee between now and my flight.

So if you’re interested in Semantic Technology, seriously consider attending this event. And if you’re in the area for the conference or something else, do say Hi.

And thank you, British Airways, for having a flight booking system that at least makes it easy to see how scarily expensive some days are when compared to those either side of them!

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