semanticuniverseI’ve written and spoken before about the need to build some serious bridges between the semantic technology/ Semantic Web community and the multitudinous enterprises that rely for their livelihood upon the timely and appropriate exploitation of data.

The annual Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose plays an important role here, with ever-more ‘proper’ business people joining the semantic enthusiasts each year in order to understand the ways in which the Semantic Web and the diverse product offerings of exhibitors can help them to tackle real problems inside their business today.

Online, too, the team behind the conference has been working to build a portfolio of case studies and papers under the Semantic Universe banner. The latest iteration of this site sees it take ‘Semantics in the Enterprise‘ as an editorial focus, comprising a collection of more than twenty articles and media resources.

In amongst the various papers is one that I was invited to write, entitled ‘Bringing Semantic Technologies to Enterprise Data.’ I had great fun writing this, and am grateful to everyone who gave up their time to talk with me about their views on Enterprise Data. I spoke with executives from Oracle, SAP Business Objects, Silver Creek Systems and other companies, and learned a lot from the different perspectives that they bring to bear. Master Data Management, Business Intelligence, regulatory ‘segregation of duties‘ and more receive the semantic technology treatment at the companies I spoke with, and there is plenty to unpick for those on the verge of making similar moves themselves.

The trick now, of course, is to carry these conversations to the enterprise data practitioners who don’t yet know that semantic technologies can help them, by sharing success stories and exemplars in their conferences and publications in order to draw them to ‘ours,’ and the resources gathered on sites such as Semantic Universe.

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