Reza Malekzadeh, image (c) VMwareOn 21 April, market-leading virtualisation provider VMware expanded upon CEO Paul Maritz‘ earlier Cloud announcements with the unveiling of vSphere 4, billed by the company as ‘the industry’s first operating system for building the internal Cloud.’

Virtualisation is clearly an important aspect of Cloud Computing, as is the capability (addressed by VMware’s vCloud Initiative) to easily move from one data centre to another.

Like IBM and others, VMware is pursuing a strategy intended to ease adoption of Cloud Computing principles by those wedded to their existing data centre investments. In the first instance, the company suggests that virtualisation will make existing hardware utilisation far more efficient. In the longer term, though, increasing abstraction of both the physical machines and their location creates opportunities for the local data centre to be compared far more easily to off-premise alternatives.

To understand VMware’s announcements, I recently spoke with the company’s Senior Director of Products and Marketing, Reza Malekzadeh, and the resulting conversation has just been released as a podcast.

Production of this podcast was supported by Talis, and show notes are available on their Nodalities blog.

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