Lew Moorman, President of Rackspace Cloud Division. Image (c) RackspaceRackspace has been in the mainstream hosting business for over a decade, and was amongst early entrants into the utility computing market with the launch of Mosso back in 2006. Now rebranded as The Rackspace Cloud, the company’s Cloud Computing offering is one of the most widely used in the industry, probably sitting in second place close behind Amazon.

Lew Moorman is President of Rackspace’s Cloud Division, and I recently spoke with him to hear more about the company’s plans, and their understanding of the way in which the Cloud is increasingly being adopted by mainstream businesses. The resulting conversation has just been released as a podcast.

We also explored the changing nature of the Cloud Computing industry itself, discussing the likelihood that the number of providers will shrink, and addressing calls for market leaders such as Rackspace and Amazon to enable greater interoperability between their data centres.

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