I spoke with Will Hunsinger, CEO of Evri, yesterday and the result has just been released as a podcast.

Backed by Paul Allen‘s Vulcan Capital, Seattle-based Evri is using semantic technologies to

“change the way consumers discover and engage with content on the Web.”

Via the site at evri.com, users are able to explore news-like topics of interest. Through partnerships with The Washington Post, Hearst and others, Evri is also able to reach established audiences on those sites. An API enables developers to leverage Evri in their own applications, and the forthcoming version 2 of Evri promises further capabilities.

As well as discussing Evri itself, we explore some of Will’s views on the changing role of semantic search, and the potential for this fledgling market to reach wider consumer awareness and adoption. Have a listen, and see what you think.

Links to some of the resources mentioned during our conversation follow, after the cut…

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