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In my latest podcast I talk with Ric Telford, Vice President for Cloud Services at IBM.

I spoke with Kristof Kloeckner – the company’s CTO and VP Cloud Computing Platforms – last year, and in my conversation with Ric we get updates on IBM’s journey into the Cloud. He touches on some of the work involved in bringing traditional enterprise customers along for the ride.

Perhaps orthogonal to the industry’s current angst around public, private and hybrid Clouds, Telford sees a valid and valuable role for ‘industry clouds,’ optimised to handle the particular workloads of a given vertical. The first of these rolled out today to the collaborative healthcare market, and we discuss some of the potential of this approach. If it can work in the highly regulated health sector, can the same ideas be deployed more easily – and cheaply – to other verticals?

This podcast was recorded on Thursday 5 August, 2010.

During our conversation, we referred to the following resources;

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