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Almost exactly two years ago, I announced my intention to leave Talis and strike out on my own. A year ago, the final piece of that transition concluded when we published the last episode of the Semantic Web Gang; a round table podcast that I began inside Talis and subsequently produced with their sponsorship.

Fast forward to the end of 2010, and it’s time to revisit the value that a monthly round table conversation offered to the community. Talking with friends, customers and contacts, many of them pointed to the useful role that something like the round table discussion format plays in cutting through marketing hype, community groupthink and competitor obfuscation. The old Semantic Web Gang did that, and it did it because it comprised a great group of contributors who knew their stuff.

Working with Eric Franzon at we are about to recreate some of that value by launching The Semantic Link, and I am really pleased with the panel of regulars that Eric and I have signed up; a completely new group of contributors who also know their stuff.

Our first episode will be recorded in early December, and should be pushed out via (and iTunes, no doubt) before Christmas. We’ll then settle down to a regular cycle, recording and publishing each month, dissecting whichever trends, stories, initiatives and companies happen to be topical. I’m also keen to get guests on the show from time to time, especially where they’re involved in something truly interesting and newsworthy.

If you have ideas for topics you would like to hear us dissect, please do let me know.