February’s episode of the Semantic Link podcast is now online at SemanticWeb.com. During the show, regulars Christine Connors, Eric Franzon, Ivan Herman, Eric Hoffer, Bernadette Hyland and Andraz Tori are joined by two special guests with some experience in both marketing and semantic technologies.

Krista Thomas was responsible for marketing at Thomson Reuters‘ semantic technology success story, Open Calais, and is now VP Marketing at Los Angeles startup Ad.ly.

Scott Brinker is President & CTO at ion interactive, and writes the ChiefMarTec blog.

During the conversation, regulars and guests discuss the way in which ‘semantic technology’ solutions are being successfully marketed to potential beneficiaries.

Have a listen, and learn that pitches to non-semantic technology enthusiasts beginning “We’ll convert all your data to RDF, leverage the Semantic Web, and construct an OWL-based ontology” are probably doomed to failure.