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To follow up on my Data Markets post earlier this week, I’m now scheduling a series of podcasts in which the conversation can — and will — delve an awful lot deeper.

I’ve contacted representatives from most of the obvious data markets, some startups working in closely related areas, and several of the key analysts watching the space. So far, the response has been great. Three — Factual, DataMarket and AggData — are definitely scheduled for recording next week, and I’m waiting for firm dates from most of the others.

Through these conversations, I hope to hear more about the different ways in which the various stakeholders view this emerging market. How big is it? How valuable is it? What is their role within it? What do today’s customers look like? How do they reach and attract tomorrow’s customers? What is the mix between free and commercial data? Where are the sustainable business opportunities? What are the barriers to adoption? What is the mix between providing data, providing tools, and providing insight?

If there are other questions that you would like answered, or interesting companies you’re worried I’ve missed, either let me know in the comments or get in touch directly.

The first podcast will be published next week, and I currently aim to release one a week after that until they’re all out. I’m looking forward to these conversations, and hope that you’ll find them useful.