Kasabi sees its role very much as an enabler of aggregation. Rather than focusing, as some data markets do, on simply providing access to data sets, Kasabi is betting on the power of being able to combine and recombine data in compelling new ways. Hidden under the hood, Talis’ platform technology leverages the potential of the Semantic Web to make these connections possible.

But as Kasabi CTO Leigh Dodds is keen to stress, you don’t need to be a Semantic Web developer or enthusiast to derive value from what Kasabi has to offer.

Like many others in the nascent data market space, Kasabi’s commercial models are still emerging, and Leigh shares some of the thinking that lies behind their current proposition.

There is some background noise on this recording, which will hopefully not affect your enjoyment of the conversation.

Kasabi is an initiative of Talis. I am a former employee of and current shareholder in Talis.

Following up on a blog post that I wrote at the start of 2012, this is the ninth in an ongoing series of podcasts with key stakeholders in the emerging category of Data Markets.