Houston-based data startup Datafiniti takes a different attitude to gathering the data that it sells. Rather than negotiate complex deals with the owners of data sets, the company relies upon techniques borrowed from Grid Computing in order to crawl the public web and harvest interesting data along the way.

CEO Shion Deysarkar talks about the development of the web crawling capability within his other company, 80legs, and then goes on to explore the ways in which this impressive capability is being put to work in locating authoritative and comprehensive data for which customers are prepared to pay.

Corroborating different sets of data from across the web, Deysarkar argues, results in a resource more accurate, more timely, and more complete than is available elsewhere.

Datafiniti is currently in beta, and initially focussed upon providing data to address the needs of specific industry verticals.

Following up on a blog post that I wrote at the start of 2012, this is the seventh in an ongoing series of podcasts with key stakeholders in the emerging category of Data Markets.