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RedMonk don’t offer a data marketplace and, so far as I know, they have no intention of doing so. Nevertheless, this series of data market podcasts would not have been complete without an opportunity to hear what RedMonk co-founder Stephen O’Grady had to say. A blog post of his, from late last year, was the thing that finally persuaded me to stop thinking about a series on data markets and actually get on and do it.

So blame Stephen. Or thank him. Depending upon how you feel about this series so far.

Drawing upon some thinking about markets, and a lot of experience from the development of sustainable models for open source, Stephen packs a lot into this half hour conversation. If you’ve been wondering about the space, or trying to understand whether or not its viable, this should be compulsory listening.

Following up on a blog post that I wrote at the start of 2012, this is the sixth in an ongoing series of podcasts with key stakeholders in the emerging category of Data Markets.