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It was all going so well. The first three podcasts in the Data Market Chat series got scheduled painlessly, recorded without technical hiccups, and published on time. Several others were also scheduled, and more were in negotiation. Everything appeared to be proceeding far more smoothly than similar projects have in the past.

Then I got ahead of myself. I got over-confident. I trailed the guest and release date for podcast number fourbefore it was actually recorded. I should have known better. Suddenly, and oh-so-predictably, the wheels fell off. First, one guest got a migraine. Then another lost power in a series of snow storms. Then a third had his travel plans upended, putting him on a plane when he was meant to be talking to me. And so it continued. These bumps hit every activity, and we’ve all learned to expect them and to work around them. But to go from no problems at all to nothing but problems was unexpected.

So, podcast 4 was not published earlier this week as I said it would be. Some of you, I know, noticed. 😉

But… Flip Kromer of InfoChimps was successfully recorded this evening, and will go online next Tuesday.

And it looks as if the others are falling back into line again.

With any luck, things should now be back to normal. But I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not going to announce a guest and publication date for a podcast until the audio file is safely on my computer… and safely backed up.