Image © BBC 2013

Image © BBC 2013

I recently set up a new Tumblr site, in addition to my main blog here at It’s been running for a few days now, and I’m deliberately posting just one entry each day to explore a topical news item, issue, or trend.

We are all inundated by a constant stream of press releases, tweets, briefings, presentations, scheduled conversations and chance encounters. Sometimes, I find, it can be difficult to take a step back from the flow in order to identify — and reflect upon — the important pieces of the whole.

With One Short Thought Each Day, and inspired by GigaOM Pro‘s excellent Today In… features, I’m setting out to distil a single post each day from the flurry of signals that target me and my inbox. Each day’s post might be sparked by just one press release, or by some strange combination of signals that either contradict or reinforce one another. It won’t necessarily be the most important story of the day, or the one that everyone else covers. But hopefully it will be interesting, and relevant to others in the Cloud Computing/ Big Data/ Open Data-type areas in which I work.

I intend to keep the posts short, to try and publish every working day, and to never publish more than once per day.

All of the posts are available on Tumblr, here. They are also available as an RSS feed, and over on the sidebar of my main blog. A single tweet to my Twitter account announces the publication of a new piece, and you can also sign up with MailChimp to have the day’s post delivered to your inbox — I promise not to use your email address for anything else.

My main blog and website continue as before, and I will set aside some time soon to improve the rather bare-bones look of the Tumblr site and the email template!

I hope you find this useful, but do let me know if there are ways in which you’d like to see length, topic, tone, or format tweaked to increase the value you get. Frequency, unless there’s a veritable howl of protest, is non-negotiable… at one per day.