Big Data is undeniably hot right now, and to many Hadoop is inextricably linked to the broader Big Data conversation.

And yet, Hadoop has a reputation for being complex, and unpolished, and difficult, and ‘technical,’ and a host of other less-than-glowing attributes which might cause potential users to pause and take stock. Some of that reputation is, perhaps, undeserved, and many of those limitations are actively being addressed within the Apache Foundation‘s open source Hadoop projects.

But there is clearly an opportunity for intermediaries who understand Hadoop, who can make it perform, and who can actively contribute back to those Apache projects. MapR Technologies is one of the better known of those intermediaries (alongside others such as Cloudera, which we also discuss), and the company has done much to encourage adoption and real use of Hadoop beyond the Silicon Valley bubble in which it emerged.

In this podcast I talk with MapR Technologies CEO and co-founder, John Schroeder, to learn a little more about his company’s approach and to gain his insight into the ways in which Big Data technologies such as Hadoop are being deployed at scale to address real business challenges.

Image of the engraving Slag bij Zama tussen Scipio en Hannibal (Battle of Zama between Scipio and Hannibal), created in 1567 and made freely available online by the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.