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O’Reilly Strata Conference – more keynotes

Here goes with the raw notes from the final day’s keynotes.

Strata Conference 2010: Real World Applications in the Enterprise and Industry

Notes from a panel session, Real World Applications Panel: Enterprise and Industry, featuring Kenneth Cukier from The Economist, Adam Hurwitz from BIA, Jinesh Varia from Amazon Web Services, and Mario Veiga Pereira from PSR.

Strata Conference 2011, Day 2 Keynotes

Day 2, and after yesterday’s tutorials the conference is really getting going. Here’s a stream of consciousness from the morning’s keynotes at this sold-out event.

Executive Summit kicks of O’Reilly Strata Conference 2010

I’m in Santa Clara this week, attending O’Reilly‘s inaugural Strata Conference. Today, I’m spending the day in the event’s Executive Summit, where I hope to hear some of the ways in which ‘normal’ businesses are approaching the opportunity of making their data work harder. The notes that follow are a rather raw summary of some...

Off to Santa Clara for O’Reilly’s Strata Conference

I’m off to California this weekend, heading for Santa Clara and O’Reilly Media‘s inaugural Big Data conference, Strata. There are some great sessions on the Programme, and I look forward to comparing the diverse ways in which Big Data concepts and methods are being put to work across a range of market segments. I also...

Is there a disconnect between Big Data and the Web of Data ?

Image via Wikipedia ‘Big Data‘ is currently capturing the imagination, attracting hype, investment and ambitious startups in almost equal measure. Kim and Eric Norlin’s excellent Defrag and Glue events have gained big-name company, with O’Reilly‘s Strata and GigaOM‘s Structure both set to arrive in the first quarter of 2011. Venture firms like IA Ventures have emerged, specifically...