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Data Markets, revisited

Data Markets, revisited

Earlier this year, I conducted a series of podcasts with some of the leading lights in the Data Market business. We delved into the things that differentiated them from one another, and we searched for the areas of commonality that might provide some boundaries to the rather fluid concept of a market for a non-rival...

Data Market Chat: Nick Edouard discusses BuzzData

The more I learn about BuzzData, the less sure I am that it belongs in the Data Market club. That doesn’t mean that the site isn’t useful, or valuable, or relevant to lots of different people. Far from it. But it seems clear that BuzzData’s current focus is upon doing something very different to the...

Strata Conference 2010: Building and Pricing the Data Marketplace

Pete Soderling of Stratus Security and Pete Forde of BuzzData led a session on Building and Pricing the Data Marketplace. Rough notes follow.