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Crunching the numbers in search of a greener cloud

Crunching the numbers in search of a greener cloud

Although sometimes portrayed as a big computer in the sky, the reality of cloud computing is far more mundane. Clouds run on physical hardware, located in data centres, connected to one another and to their customers via high speed networks. All of that hardware must be powered and cooled, and all of those offices must...
CloudCamp reaches Leeds on 14 June

CloudCamp reaches Leeds on 14 June

The global CloudCamp movement continues to grow, with events over the next few weeks in Denmark, Germany, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and across the United States. And now, I’m very pleased to announce that the English city of Leeds is joining the party. CloudCamp events have been taking place in the UK for years, and the...

CloudCamp London: the Big Data Special

The CloudCamp unconference returned to London for the 14th time this evening, regaling a capacity crowd in the Crypt below Clerkenwell’s St James Church with several hours of discussion and debate on the somewhat elusive topic of ‘Big Data’. Rather rough notes of the proceedings follow, after the break.

Thoughts from last night’s Cloud Camp (Newcastle, not Boston!)

Image via Wikipedia One problem with living somewhere like East Yorkshire (a problem for which there are certainly compensations…) is that it proves effectively impossible to engage with my chosen industry’s current penchant for short evening events (except one) without the added complication of such things as overnight stays in hotels. Unless these events coincide...

CloudCamp London written up for CloudAve

My write-up of last night’s CloudCamp in London has just appeared over on CloudAve.

CloudCamp London tomorrow; see you there?

I’m heading down to London tomorrow, for the city’s third CloudCamp. If you’re in the area Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, do say Hi. Related articles by Zemanta London CloudCamp #3 (Mar 12, 2009) ( Upcoming 2009 CloudCamps (