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How does ‘Freemium’ work for corporate SaaS?

Wired Magazine Editor in Chief (and Long Tail author) Chris Anderson has a short post on his blog exploring ways in which a ‘freemium’ business model might be applied to “one of the biggest software-as-a-service companies.” The concept of freemium has gained widespread acceptance amongst consumer-facing Web 2.0 companies, enabled by the low incremental cost...

Can traditional software companies embrace SaaS without Disruption?

Bob Warfield is amongst those reopening the self-inflicted wounds of European software behemoth SAP AG with his latest post on the SmoothSpan blog this week. The central question, though, isn’t whether they messed up; but whether what they’re attempting is even possible. Facing the real prospect of significant disruption to the mid-range part of their business...

Cloud Computing is so much more than a computer in the Cloud

Cloud Computing has taken significant steps forward in recent weeks, moving ever-closer to aspects of Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web. What does this mean, and where do we go from here?