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Strata Conference 2011, Day 2 Keynotes

Day 2, and after yesterday’s tutorials the conference is really getting going. Here’s a stream of consciousness from the morning’s keynotes at this sold-out event.

Keep your Executive Assistant happy if moving to the Cloud

Google held a small event in London late last month, at which senior executives from a wide range of organisations gathered to discuss the impact of the Cloud. Presenters included luminaries such as Marc Benioff, Werner Vogels, Geoffrey Moore and Nick Carr, as well as CIOs at the coalface in adopting various Cloud (mainly SaaS)...

Amazon brings EC2 to Europe

As I escaped the tedium of early morning traffic to slurp up some (free) wifi and (non-free) coffee beside the UK’s M1, Amazon’s Deepak Singh was winding down to the end of a day on Pacific Time with a tweet to announce the availability of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) servers on this side of the...